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Traveling guide For Terengganu

Terengganu has slowly risen up the ranks in Malaysia as one of the go to destinations for the locals and also the international travelers that come to visit the wild east. There are many things that make Terengganu one of the top destination spots to visit. These reasons span from the beautiful lush greenery that you can see as soon as you open your hotel room window. Some of the forests here can even be trekked and hiked. The other reason for most people to visit Terengganu is to visit their golden sun-scorched beaches. It has also become a huge attraction because of the diving schools that are available there but we’ll get to that later.

  1. Masjid Terapung

The Masjid Terapung is also known as the floating mosque in Malaysia. The floating mosque is the type of architecture that is very distinct to Malaysian culture. There are only a few of them out there. From an aerial view, the mosque looks as though it’s floating on the surface of the water. This is merely an optical illusion as the mosque is being held up by supporting beams and pillars underneath the mosque. 

  1. Pulau Redang

Pulau Redang has been becoming more and more popular these days. It’s mainly because it is one of the most amazing diving spots that you can dive in. The clarity of the water is fairly good as the temperature of the water is kept quite heaty and according to most divers out there. It is pretty important to have a diving spot’s water temperature be a bit hotter than most places because the hotter the water is the better the clarity of the water. Clarity is important here as you’d want to be able to see the aesthetically pleasing corals that are distinct to the south china sea and the flamboyant sea creatures that are available for you to see. Pulau Redang has established itself as one of the best scuba diving destinations malaysia has to offer and it’s been gaining traction worldwide and people are starting to take notice of it.

  1. Istana Muziah

The Istana Muziah is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing buildings out there to see. It was built back in the day by the ruling sultan of Malaysia. It was built strategically so that it was close to the city centre and near the market so that whenever people drove by it, they would see the amazing architecture. The palace however isn’t open to the public on most days but there are certain times in the Malaysian calendar where the sultan will have it open to the public so you can view it. If you’re a fan of classic colonial architecture buildings then you wouldn’t want to miss this.

Over the years, Terengganu has worked very hard to help boost their tourism sector and have done an excellent job at it, If you’re deciding on place for your next family trip or if you’re just doing a solo backpacking trip them Terengganu will be a suitable destination for you.

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The disadvantage of mobile phones

We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by gadgets. Just recently, there was news of a young lady who fell three flights of stairs because she was staring at her phone while walking. She knocked her head hard on the floor and she fell unconscious. Fortunately, she only escaped with minor injuries, but it could have been so much worse. This is something very concerning because more and more people are getting injured because of the distractions from their mobile phones. Every year, the number of people involved in accidents because they were looking at their phone keeps increasing. A video that went viral last year of a woman who was going to cross a street while looking at her phone and too distracted by her phone, she did not notice there was a car heading towards her. Thankfully, a man pulled her before she was hit by the car. If these incidents become more and more common, is the mobile phone really worth it? This article would list three advantages of mobile phones and this is a list everyone should take seriously because it may save your life. 

1 – Socially disturbing 

Have you been in a situation where someone is constantly on their phone without having the courtesy to even hold a conversation with you? More than half of the population are addicted to their phone and some are so severe that they bring harm to their social life. They no more communicate face to face, and they would rather be on their phone than make conversations. People need people because it is only among humans that we can give and receive the same amount of love and affection. Mobile phones do not love us back. Artificial intelligence does not love us back. Any gadgets cannot reciprocate our feelings no matter how in love we are with them. 

2 – Expenses

Phones have an average productivity span of 2 to 3 years. After that, you would find the functionality of the phone decreasing and problems would start to appear. The majority would buy a new one to replace the old one. Once you rely on your phone, it is a constant expense. You would have to buy a new phone every 2 to 3 years. Phones are not cheap. The range of prices for mobile phones is between 200USD to 2000USD. That can be a family’s monthly worth of groceries. It is considered expensive for some but still, everyone buys it for the sake of staying up to date on trends. 

3 – Health problems

Phones have this electromagnetic radiation that can be very dangerous to your health. One of the possible effects of using your phone for an extended time is brain cancer. Although there has not been solid agreement on the level of harm caused by mobile phones, it is something that can be dangerous when you are exposed to it for a long time. Not just that, you can get muscle or posture-related problems as well. When someone holds their phone for too long, looking at videos as such, there is bound to be a small indentation in the pinky due to it holding the weight of the phone. It is something not to joke about because it may seem small, but these small problems can snowball into a bigger one and by then it would be too late. It is undeniable that mobile phones have brought so much convenience into our lives, but we have to keep in mind that we should not spend all our time on it. People should be aware of the consequences of relying on mobile phones. Even things like Artificial intelligence and robots are being produced nowadays by Malaysia factory automation with manufacturing top ethernet switches moxa Malaysia and although it would benefit our economy, we should take careful measures to not let it dominate our life.

Digital marketing strategy

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing has been one of the best marketing strategies in the business industry. Do you why digital marketing has been used by many companies or businessmen? It is because digital marketing is the fastest way to promote their business and most people are using digital technology such as social media for most of their time. For example, the company can post any interesting content about their business to their own social media, and any people that come across the posts might get interested. That’s how they got their customers through digital marketing. There is an award called digital marketing awards Malaysia for the company that has the best digital marketing strategy for their business.

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Digital Marketing strategy

To build a successful business, the company must have a successful marketing strategy because it will determine the flow and the ups and downs of the company. For digital marketing strategy, there are a few steps to make sure the strategy works successfully without any problem. 

  1. Know your target customer

The most important thing about a successful company is its customers. Target customers can be known by doing interviews, surveys, or researches. This is important because we can’t just set the target customer by ourselves as it may lead to failure in the marketing strategy. So, make sure to know your target customer for your business.

  1. Make an analysis detail about your customer

The details about the target customer such as age, location, gender, or income. This is because all of this information is important for your business to determine your target customer and the data can be used to improve your marketing strategy. By this, your business can have more potential to attract more customers.

  1. Set the goals for your business.

Set your goals to know what you want to achieve when you arrange your marketing strategy. Having clear marketing goals may help you to see the flow of your business and set a better marketing strategy to grab your customer’s attention. 

  1. Use the right tools for your digital marketing strategy.

As for this, you must use the right tools in order to make your business become more successful and well-known. For digital marketing strategy, there is a wide choice of tools that you can use to promote your business. For example, social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even WhatsApp where most people are on these social media most of the time of their life. By that, it can be used as a tool to promote your business.

  1. Create interesting content for the customer.

People nowadays like to spend their time on social media because there is a lot of interesting digital content that can be found there. You can use this advantage by providing interesting digital content such as picture postings, creative video, or maybe a digital poster that you can post on your company’s social media. By this, you can grab people’s attention and they might get interested to be your customer. 

To conclude everything, digital marketing is the most effective way to promote your business. Even if you just start your business, you can use digital marketing as it is cost-effective and you also can save some time as digital marketing is fast and easy to use. 

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Planning Your Retirement Activities

If you have ever wondered what you would do after you have retired, worry no more, we will go through a few ideas for activities you can take on after retiring. Even if you’re still working at this moment, there’s no harm in thinking of what to do in the future. “Think of the bigger picture”, they say. Well, the bigger picture is that you will someday want to or have to retire. Take some time on your day off and ask yourself what you’re going to do or where you’re going to go. There are just endless places to see and things you could do.

Speaking of places to see, assuming you kept savings throughout the duration of your working life, you could travel to places that you’ve always wanted to go to. For instance, Japan, with its amazing culture and wonderful attractions like the temples and shrines in Kyoto. Even eat their amazing food including a variety of noodle dishes like ramen, udon, soba, and other snacks like okonomiyaki, which is a sort of Japanese pancake, and Taiyaki, which is a fish-shaped snack with filling, typically red bean paste, on the inside. Other than Japan, you could also try visiting other countries like Turkey, New Zealand, Peru, Jamaica, and even Mexico. If you’re not too fond of flying long journeys, you could also go on a road trip around Malaysia and see the places you’ve never seen before or only ever saw on screen.

Other than travelling the world or going on road trips, if you would rather stay at home, then try remodelling your interior design, maybe pick up on gardening and taking care of indoor plants. Get on the internet and try blogging every day, perhaps build up a following. You could even try online casinos like 918kiss and earn some extra income, but remember to play responsibly and at your own means. Online casinos can be fun, only if you can play with a lot of self-discipline. 

Alongside that, you could consider volunteering or starting your own business. There are many things you could do as your own business. Find out what you’re good at like making bookmarks or resin products, which is quite high in demand nowadays since people love resin products. Besides that, you can consider making affordable trinkets and sell them. If you still think that you have a lot of spare time on your hands, you could join the gym or start a diet. Create your own schedule and remember that each person has a different body thus, each person has a different diet and exercise regime. Plan it according to your own suitability and be sure to keep yourself healthy in the best way possible for yourself. 

Remember that you’ve earned your retirement. Thus, make it meaningful to yourself and not to anybody else because you deserve it. Live within your own means and do the things that you’ve always wanted to do without thinking of anybody else. If you have a significant other, you could both enjoy doing the things that both of you love. It’s as simple as that. 

You should expect this from a web designer

Web design takes plenty of your energy, time, and effort in order to learn, understand and apply the necessary information. It would need your focus and determination to start this and see it to the end because web design does not happen overnight. It is a compilation of many hours just discussing back and forth between you and the web design company of your choice and constantly checking the progress of making your website. However, some may not have the knowledge of what to expect from a web design company. In this article, I would discuss some expectations one should and should not have from a web design company. I would give two expectations that a client should expect from a web designing company and I would continue with two expectations that a client should not have from a web designing company. 

1 – You should expect a design that would cater to your business

Any business would have a targeted market, audience, and sales. After presenting your proposal on the ideas you would like to have on your website, it is important that the web designing company take that into consideration and create a website based on the information you have given them. As much as a website needs to be functional, it needs to cater to the need of the targeted market and audience. Why would a website need a long introduction about the company when your targeted audience is children aged 9 to 13 years old. It is vital that your website is catered to your targeted goal. 

2 – You should expect an estimation time given by the web designer

Please take a reminder to ask the web designing company for an estimation time to build your website after going through the ideas and opinions. It is vital for your business to get a website as quickly as possible. It is undeniable in order to get a more intricate and detailed design with a neat finish, a longer time is needed but it has to work in your favor. When your product or service has been on the market for too long without any way to possibly promote it besides social media, the number of possible customers would drop and you could suffer from a loss. Make sure that the web designer has an estimation time for your website to finish so you can coordinate with any other plans you have to promote your products or services. 

3 – Payment is discussed only after the web and design has been structured

A payment would usually come at the end when it is after you have laid down your ideas and discussions has been made between you and the web designer on the kind of web design you would like for your business because estimation of the price can only be made when the foundation has been laid down. Typically one would get a contract that would give out details including the schedule and the payment structure and it has to be signed by both parties in order for there to be an agreement so that the project can officially begin. If a price is given even before you start discussing the design and structure of the website, then there is a possibility that you are being offered a simple package solution that would not be to your standards and expectations. 

All in all, having expectations from the web designer is nothing out of the ordinary. They would probably expect you to have expectations on them so they can meet those expectations. It is a long process that would take much time and energy as well as money so never be afraid to contact them and ask any question. A good custom website developers in Malaysia would be understanding of this, just like how DZOO has understood and satisfied countless expectations from its many clients. Check them out because they would provide the best service from a web designing company. Read a lot of useful articles here. …