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How To Promote Your Own Game

Calling for all the game owners. It is quite tough to create games right but after a few days and maybe a few months or maybe a few years thinking about a game concept and creating the game. It is time for you to promote the game by the way if you did not create one yet you might want to search for any game developer Malaysia to develop your game. It is really important to promote it because without promotion many people will not notice about your games and in the end, it is kind of useless. By the way, if you do not know yet, you can make money with the game. If your game is really good enough, people will buy the game but if you just make a game for fun you can gain money from advertisements. You can put an advertisement in your game and you will get money from it. Now, let’s move on to what is the way to promote your game. You need to continue reading to know more about it.

  1. Tell your family and friends

It is really important to promote it to our family and friends first because we know that they will support us and usually they will promote it to other people too. Ask help and support from family is good but actually, it is only for a temporary time but it is okay just keep doing it because sometimes we easily feel down so it is really important to ask for their support first.

  1. Create promotion video and photo

Promotion video and photo is really important because without it how you going to promote your game plus videos and photos are like a teaser. Many people will see it first before decide to download or buy your game because they need to think first it is worth playing this game. They will think it is really a waste of their time if they just easily download the game but they do not love the genre game at all. Plus, if you have a promotion video and photo it will tell everything without need a long explanation about your game but you need to make sure the video and the photo are really interesting and can make your audience feel attracted. 

  1. Join gamers community

You also can join a gamers community group then tell and promote your game to them. Pretty sure many gamers will try your game because they have a really high passion for playing the game. If the game is good pretty sure they will ask and tell their friends to play your game. There are many platforms that you can use to get a gamer’s audience like groups from Facebook and channels from Discord. 

If you think it is so hard for you to promote your own game. It is okay because there are top 10 social media marketing companies Malaysia that will help you to promote your game not only that many of them also got award winning social media marketing companies Malaysia

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Tips To Help Relieve Breastfeeding Pain

A new baby is born every hour of every day. You can find lots of excited parents-to-be couples who are waiting eagerly for the arrival of their precious baby if you go to the antenatal ward at any hospital. As much as the mother has to endure the long excruciating hours of pain when they are in labour, the moment they get to see their baby, it has always been described as magical and the pain they experienced right before dissipates. The part that comes afterwards can be something frightening but with the little bundle of joy in their arms, parents are willing to go through it as long as it means the good health of the baby, this is especially true for the mother. One of the parts that I mentioned is breastfeeding. For some mothers, breastfeeding can be very painful. There are many reasons that can cause this and instead of listing that, this article would list down tips on how to relieve the pain from breastfeeding.
1 – Make sure there is a good latch

One of the reasons breastfeeding can hurt is that your baby doesn’t have a good latch. When that happens, the baby’s tongue would start to rub or press onto the nipple and this would cause pain. In order to have a good latch, a mother must make sure that her nipple goes deep into the baby’s mouth, preferably until the back of the mouth so that they can get the milk out with their tongue without having to press on the nipple. They would also sometimes bite and chomp down on the nipple when they don’t get enough milk to satisfy them. They will eventually become fussy and restless because they are hungry but your nipple is in pain to provide them with milk. Thus, making sure they have a good latch is important to not experience pain when breastfeeding. This has been proven to be the best way to breastfeed.
2 – Wearing comfortable bra

I understand that some mothers wish to look good right after giving birth but you are already beautiful for giving birth to a baby because that requires courage and strength. It is okay to prioritize comfort over beauty. Wearing a loose bra rather than a snug one can help improve the milk circulation in your breast and that is important to ensure that when you breastfeed, the milk has a smooth flow for your baby. The problem that can occur when wearing a snug bra when you are breastfeeding is plugged duct. Your milk can become blocked because of the pressure on your breast. This would cause your breast to swell and your nipple to become sore. If this happens, try to moist heat your breast, rest, massage and empty it by feeding your baby. This would lessen the swelling and soreness and if you want, you can even buy nipple cream Malaysia to help with it.
3 – See a breastfeeding consultant
If you cannot identify the problem as to why it is painful when you breastfeed, then it is better if you can meet a specialist that can advise you on what to do. Certain problems are best solved by medical professionals. They have studied the majority of the possibilities and if anyone in the world has an answer, it is probably them.
Doctors have said that breastfeeding should not hurt, even for first-time mothers, if done right. With the right techniques and positions, breastfeeding can be a wonderful bonding experience with your child. If you are currently looking for products to help with your breastfeeding, you can check Lansinoh mother care essentials .

Auto Draft

Trading has become one of the easiest ways to get fast money nowadays. Many people have become the best Forex trader in Malaysia for taking the risks to do stocks trading, no matter what people say about the difficulties and consequences, nothing stops them from learning new skills and knowledge from Forex trading Malaysia. But there are so many ways you can learn and do stock trading as well, especially now that we are so filled with so many advanced technologies. Here, I am going to share with you some of the platforms you can use to learn and do trading and become the top Forex broker Malaysia .

Before you join one, I recommend you to learn at least a few basic skills and adds up some knowledge regarding stock trading. Because there are many issues where people just join because they thought it is easy by just looking at the graph, but honestly it is more than that. Thus, I think Instagram can be the platform where you can some tips and tricks. Instagram has many users who are actually good brokers and also would like to recruit some of you guys if you are interested.

Furthermore, Youtube is also a good option to consider if you are looking for a good platform to learn how to do stock trading. Youtube has many videos with Youtubers sharing their experiences. If you would like to know more than just pictures of tips and tricks, I am sure you can find plenty of videos from successful brokers sharing their journey and experiences. Not only that, they teach you about graphs, when to sell your stock and when to add a new one. That is why I personally recommend Youtube for a better understanding regarding stock trading because I know there are some people who understand better with the presence of videos and explanations than just pictures with words.

Last but not least, for joining stock trading, there are many websites that offer trusted stock trading websites you can find such as Forex, IQ option and so much more. If you actually go on Google, there are few recommendations you can find as well. But I suggest you always read the reviews so you can find some better options. If not you can also join the ones recommended by who you are learning with because I think that one is also easier to play with.

In summary, all these platforms are here for a reason that many of them can utilize them in different ways. For example, some people use it as marketing platforms, some as personal platforms, but you can use it as education and getting side income platforms. Nevertheless, it is always important to check out scammers’ platforms and be careful with playing stock trading, and sometimes you can forget the consequences and effects if you are actually taking the wrong step. But final words from me is that it is better to make a few mistakes on learning how to be better.

New poor due to pandemic

According to statistics done during the pandemic, Malaysia hits the highest rate of unemployment in two decades. More and more people are losing jobs as a result of the bad economy during the pandemic. When the partial lockdown happened in March, the majority of the country’s economy sectors were closed. No one goes out to shop; factories were closed for months and everything came to a sudden stop which truly affected our economy. Thus, it was inevitable that people would start to lose their jobs as their employers cannot afford to pay them. This would create a new group of society called the “new poor” and they are defined as people who were supposed to come out of poverty in 2020 but due to Covid-19, they are now going to stay poor or become even poorer. When these people become unemployed, they do not have a proper salary to pay for their daily necessary needs. Then as time passes, they would have used up all their savings while they are still unemployed due to the fact no one wants to take new employees because they cannot afford them. Some of those who are already struggling on a daily basis to survive would have to give their everything to have life’s basic needs and it is much worse for people who have families they have to take care of. Now we are near 2021 and the pandemic does not seem to be ending soon so these people’s future is still unpredictable. However, in this article, I would like to write on the aftermath of becoming poor in times of this pandemic. 

1 – Exposure

In this context, this exposure contains a negative connotation. There is always that constant worry that this group of people are more exposed to sickness without the ability to pay for proper medical help. They become very vulnerable when they are in this situation where they do not have the luxury of paying for hospital bills and medicines. If they have a disease that requires them to get monthly or even weekly treatment prior to the pandemic, they would have to stop receiving the treatment because they would not have the money to pay for the treatment. If they contract a disease during the pandemic, they cannot seek for immediate help. This is concerning because every citizen plays a part in the country’s growth so every life gone is a loss to the country. 

2 – Education losses

With the pandemic happening, many schools are being closed due to lockdowns or restricted movement orders. As teachers start to use online learning, some families would not be able to afford technologies. They would not have the necessary access to online learning, and this is a huge obstacle to overcome because if not, the students would not have the proper education. Low education can result in many unfortunate things like the increase in crime rate and low employability, thus, it is important that we make sure every student has access to equal education during the pandemic. 

3 – Long term economic instability

As mentioned above, due to lockdowns, many companies are affected by it. Many companies had to let go of their staff because they can no longer pay for them. This is what caused people to become unemployed which eventually created the new poor in the country. As people become unemployed, they would struggle in many other aspects which would affect their lives. As the people suffer, so will the economy of the country. It will be a long time before we can truly revive our economy to its best state. 

The new poor may even be pushed to be homeless due to the fact they do not have any money to pay for a house. If someone lives in Titiwangsa, they would probably live in TTDI condo or TTDI apartment before, but during the pandemic, they had to move away because they can no longer pay for it. It is truly heartbreaking for them and we, other citizen fortunate enough, should help them as much as possible. 

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Traveling guide For Terengganu

Terengganu has slowly risen up the ranks in Malaysia as one of the go to destinations for the locals and also the international travelers that come to visit the wild east. There are many things that make Terengganu one of the top destination spots to visit. These reasons span from the beautiful lush greenery that you can see as soon as you open your hotel room window. Some of the forests here can even be trekked and hiked. The other reason for most people to visit Terengganu is to visit their golden sun-scorched beaches. It has also become a huge attraction because of the diving schools that are available there but we’ll get to that later.

  1. Masjid Terapung

The Masjid Terapung is also known as the floating mosque in Malaysia. The floating mosque is the type of architecture that is very distinct to Malaysian culture. There are only a few of them out there. From an aerial view, the mosque looks as though it’s floating on the surface of the water. This is merely an optical illusion as the mosque is being held up by supporting beams and pillars underneath the mosque. 

  1. Pulau Redang

Pulau Redang has been becoming more and more popular these days. It’s mainly because it is one of the most amazing diving spots that you can dive in. The clarity of the water is fairly good as the temperature of the water is kept quite heaty and according to most divers out there. It is pretty important to have a diving spot’s water temperature be a bit hotter than most places because the hotter the water is the better the clarity of the water. Clarity is important here as you’d want to be able to see the aesthetically pleasing corals that are distinct to the south china sea and the flamboyant sea creatures that are available for you to see. Pulau Redang has established itself as one of the best scuba diving destinations malaysia has to offer and it’s been gaining traction worldwide and people are starting to take notice of it.

  1. Istana Muziah

The Istana Muziah is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing buildings out there to see. It was built back in the day by the ruling sultan of Malaysia. It was built strategically so that it was close to the city centre and near the market so that whenever people drove by it, they would see the amazing architecture. The palace however isn’t open to the public on most days but there are certain times in the Malaysian calendar where the sultan will have it open to the public so you can view it. If you’re a fan of classic colonial architecture buildings then you wouldn’t want to miss this.

Over the years, Terengganu has worked very hard to help boost their tourism sector and have done an excellent job at it, If you’re deciding on place for your next family trip or if you’re just doing a solo backpacking trip them Terengganu will be a suitable destination for you.

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The disadvantage of mobile phones

We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by gadgets. Just recently, there was news of a young lady who fell three flights of stairs because she was staring at her phone while walking. She knocked her head hard on the floor and she fell unconscious. Fortunately, she only escaped with minor injuries, but it could have been so much worse. This is something very concerning because more and more people are getting injured because of the distractions from their mobile phones. Every year, the number of people involved in accidents because they were looking at their phone keeps increasing. A video that went viral last year of a woman who was going to cross a street while looking at her phone and too distracted by her phone, she did not notice there was a car heading towards her. Thankfully, a man pulled her before she was hit by the car. If these incidents become more and more common, is the mobile phone really worth it? This article would list three advantages of mobile phones and this is a list everyone should take seriously because it may save your life. 

1 – Socially disturbing 

Have you been in a situation where someone is constantly on their phone without having the courtesy to even hold a conversation with you? More than half of the population are addicted to their phone and some are so severe that they bring harm to their social life. They no more communicate face to face, and they would rather be on their phone than make conversations. People need people because it is only among humans that we can give and receive the same amount of love and affection. Mobile phones do not love us back. Artificial intelligence does not love us back. Any gadgets cannot reciprocate our feelings no matter how in love we are with them. 

2 – Expenses

Phones have an average productivity span of 2 to 3 years. After that, you would find the functionality of the phone decreasing and problems would start to appear. The majority would buy a new one to replace the old one. Once you rely on your phone, it is a constant expense. You would have to buy a new phone every 2 to 3 years. Phones are not cheap. The range of prices for mobile phones is between 200USD to 2000USD. That can be a family’s monthly worth of groceries. It is considered expensive for some but still, everyone buys it for the sake of staying up to date on trends. 

3 – Health problems

Phones have this electromagnetic radiation that can be very dangerous to your health. One of the possible effects of using your phone for an extended time is brain cancer. Although there has not been solid agreement on the level of harm caused by mobile phones, it is something that can be dangerous when you are exposed to it for a long time. Not just that, you can get muscle or posture-related problems as well. When someone holds their phone for too long, looking at videos as such, there is bound to be a small indentation in the pinky due to it holding the weight of the phone. It is something not to joke about because it may seem small, but these small problems can snowball into a bigger one and by then it would be too late. It is undeniable that mobile phones have brought so much convenience into our lives, but we have to keep in mind that we should not spend all our time on it. People should be aware of the consequences of relying on mobile phones. Even things like Artificial intelligence and robots are being produced nowadays by Malaysia factory automation with manufacturing top ethernet switches moxa Malaysia and although it would benefit our economy, we should take careful measures to not let it dominate our life.

Digital marketing strategy

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing has been one of the best marketing strategies in the business industry. Do you why digital marketing has been used by many companies or businessmen? It is because digital marketing is the fastest way to promote their business and most people are using digital technology such as social media for most of their time. For example, the company can post any interesting content about their business to their own social media, and any people that come across the posts might get interested. That’s how they got their customers through digital marketing. There is an award called digital marketing awards Malaysia for the company that has the best digital marketing strategy for their business.

What is Digital Marketing and How Do I Get Started? | Disruptive Advertising

Digital Marketing strategy

To build a successful business, the company must have a successful marketing strategy because it will determine the flow and the ups and downs of the company. For digital marketing strategy, there are a few steps to make sure the strategy works successfully without any problem. 

  1. Know your target customer

The most important thing about a successful company is its customers. Target customers can be known by doing interviews, surveys, or researches. This is important because we can’t just set the target customer by ourselves as it may lead to failure in the marketing strategy. So, make sure to know your target customer for your business.

  1. Make an analysis detail about your customer

The details about the target customer such as age, location, gender, or income. This is because all of this information is important for your business to determine your target customer and the data can be used to improve your marketing strategy. By this, your business can have more potential to attract more customers.

  1. Set the goals for your business.

Set your goals to know what you want to achieve when you arrange your marketing strategy. Having clear marketing goals may help you to see the flow of your business and set a better marketing strategy to grab your customer’s attention. 

  1. Use the right tools for your digital marketing strategy.

As for this, you must use the right tools in order to make your business become more successful and well-known. For digital marketing strategy, there is a wide choice of tools that you can use to promote your business. For example, social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even WhatsApp where most people are on these social media most of the time of their life. By that, it can be used as a tool to promote your business.

  1. Create interesting content for the customer.

People nowadays like to spend their time on social media because there is a lot of interesting digital content that can be found there. You can use this advantage by providing interesting digital content such as picture postings, creative video, or maybe a digital poster that you can post on your company’s social media. By this, you can grab people’s attention and they might get interested to be your customer. 

To conclude everything, digital marketing is the most effective way to promote your business. Even if you just start your business, you can use digital marketing as it is cost-effective and you also can save some time as digital marketing is fast and easy to use. 

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Planning Your Retirement Activities

If you have ever wondered what you would do after you have retired, worry no more, we will go through a few ideas for activities you can take on after retiring. Even if you’re still working at this moment, there’s no harm in thinking of what to do in the future. “Think of the bigger picture”, they say. Well, the bigger picture is that you will someday want to or have to retire. Take some time on your day off and ask yourself what you’re going to do or where you’re going to go. There are just endless places to see and things you could do.

Speaking of places to see, assuming you kept savings throughout the duration of your working life, you could travel to places that you’ve always wanted to go to. For instance, Japan, with its amazing culture and wonderful attractions like the temples and shrines in Kyoto. Even eat their amazing food including a variety of noodle dishes like ramen, udon, soba, and other snacks like okonomiyaki, which is a sort of Japanese pancake, and Taiyaki, which is a fish-shaped snack with filling, typically red bean paste, on the inside. Other than Japan, you could also try visiting other countries like Turkey, New Zealand, Peru, Jamaica, and even Mexico. If you’re not too fond of flying long journeys, you could also go on a road trip around Malaysia and see the places you’ve never seen before or only ever saw on screen.

Other than travelling the world or going on road trips, if you would rather stay at home, then try remodelling your interior design, maybe pick up on gardening and taking care of indoor plants. Get on the internet and try blogging every day, perhaps build up a following. You could even try online casinos like 918kiss and earn some extra income, but remember to play responsibly and at your own means. Online casinos can be fun, only if you can play with a lot of self-discipline. 

Alongside that, you could consider volunteering or starting your own business. There are many things you could do as your own business. Find out what you’re good at like making bookmarks or resin products, which is quite high in demand nowadays since people love resin products. Besides that, you can consider making affordable trinkets and sell them. If you still think that you have a lot of spare time on your hands, you could join the gym or start a diet. Create your own schedule and remember that each person has a different body thus, each person has a different diet and exercise regime. Plan it according to your own suitability and be sure to keep yourself healthy in the best way possible for yourself. 

Remember that you’ve earned your retirement. Thus, make it meaningful to yourself and not to anybody else because you deserve it. Live within your own means and do the things that you’ve always wanted to do without thinking of anybody else. If you have a significant other, you could both enjoy doing the things that both of you love. It’s as simple as that. 

You should expect this from a web designer

Web design takes plenty of your energy, time, and effort in order to learn, understand and apply the necessary information. It would need your focus and determination to start this and see it to the end because web design does not happen overnight. It is a compilation of many hours just discussing back and forth between you and the web design company of your choice and constantly checking the progress of making your website. However, some may not have the knowledge of what to expect from a web design company. In this article, I would discuss some expectations one should and should not have from a web design company. I would give two expectations that a client should expect from a web designing company and I would continue with two expectations that a client should not have from a web designing company. 

1 – You should expect a design that would cater to your business

Any business would have a targeted market, audience, and sales. After presenting your proposal on the ideas you would like to have on your website, it is important that the web designing company take that into consideration and create a website based on the information you have given them. As much as a website needs to be functional, it needs to cater to the need of the targeted market and audience. Why would a website need a long introduction about the company when your targeted audience is children aged 9 to 13 years old. It is vital that your website is catered to your targeted goal. 

2 – You should expect an estimation time given by the web designer

Please take a reminder to ask the web designing company for an estimation time to build your website after going through the ideas and opinions. It is vital for your business to get a website as quickly as possible. It is undeniable in order to get a more intricate and detailed design with a neat finish, a longer time is needed but it has to work in your favor. When your product or service has been on the market for too long without any way to possibly promote it besides social media, the number of possible customers would drop and you could suffer from a loss. Make sure that the web designer has an estimation time for your website to finish so you can coordinate with any other plans you have to promote your products or services. 

3 – Payment is discussed only after the web and design has been structured

A payment would usually come at the end when it is after you have laid down your ideas and discussions has been made between you and the web designer on the kind of web design you would like for your business because estimation of the price can only be made when the foundation has been laid down. Typically one would get a contract that would give out details including the schedule and the payment structure and it has to be signed by both parties in order for there to be an agreement so that the project can officially begin. If a price is given even before you start discussing the design and structure of the website, then there is a possibility that you are being offered a simple package solution that would not be to your standards and expectations. 

All in all, having expectations from the web designer is nothing out of the ordinary. They would probably expect you to have expectations on them so they can meet those expectations. It is a long process that would take much time and energy as well as money so never be afraid to contact them and ask any question. A good custom website developers in Malaysia would be understanding of this, just like how DZOO has understood and satisfied countless expectations from its many clients. Check them out because they would provide the best service from a web designing company. Read a lot of useful articles here. …

How to Buy Properties

In Malaysia, there are lots of people may it be groups or individuals that want to buy properties. Included in the desired properties are houses, commercial buildings, residential compounds, agricultural land and many more estate properties. Now the problem is that each property requires a large amount of money and not all have the same fortune as Bill Gates. What are then the necessary things needed to consider when buying properties? If you want to find a nice place to stay, why not go to KL Sentral condo for rent?


It is a very necessary thing for a person to conduct research as to what are the best properties proper to acquire. Fortunately, there are lots of sources that can be gotten of information such as the web, the newspapers, books, articles and many more articles open for public readings. There are also the presences of reviews towards a specific property and it can be such a great help for individuals to decide before purchasing desired property. One of the most common mistakes of people is that people would require so much time that all they want to do is to get what they see. However, one believes that money is never spoon-fed and is so hard to find. Losing time in order to choose the best is never a waste at all. So much so that, researching is a great season of getting one’s self-prepared for whatever things come. Through research, one can then assess where is the place best to find properties, why are there places that got negative reviews, and to whom to call on to when interesting things happen.  Basically, when one does research, he or she is given the chance to see and get enlightened by the price range of properties.  Like in the net for example, because most businesses post their products online including real estates, one can identify the price, what is trending, what is obscene, what is ongoing and upcoming designs at hand.

See the place for yourselves.

Recently, rich people have their own set of people that they appoint to get and see the property themselves. However, one can choose to see their properties planning to get bought by them personally. It is such a great feeling for someone to personally witness and observe the different wonders of their planned property. In doing so, one can assess if the bathroom is fine or not. Once can determine if the rooms are fitting. One can directly ask why the sewerage is designed like that. Especially in buying houses, one should look, search and experience the place themselves. In this way, the potential buyer can assess if the property is suited to his or her taste. One can also find out what are the necessary things that need to be modified as much.


One can sense the feeling of ownership and accountability to the decisions made once the decision to buy is done. These are a few of the tips in buying properties. With the use of the 2 methods, one can certainly enjoy the feeling of achievement and success through hard work, savings or acquiring loans.

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How a Diploma Benefits an Individual

College is not something everyone gets to take. Some people do not go to college because of their own reasons, while some can’t go because of their situation.  

To those people who has the option to go, it would be best to make this choice, go to college, finish, and get your hands on that diploma. Not everyone gets to do it, so those who can should really consider themselves lucky. That diploma can give them so many amazing benefits and advantages. Here are some of them:

Through having your own diploma, getting a job would be a lot easier. Not everyone gets the chance to have a diploma, so those people that possess one would be considered special by employers

  • A diploma symbolizes that you have the knowledge and skills that not everyone has. This is why, those people who possess gets a bigger chance on having the job, because they basically get a special treatment because of it. This is just one reason why, it is important for one to have their own diploma. 
  • Most jobs nowadays require a diploma to guarantee an employer that they really have the skills and knowledge that fits the job. With that, you have wider range of options to choose from when choosing a job. You will not have to settle for anything that pays less. How great is that? 
  • Then, another benefits you could get from having a diploma is that you have the chance of getting a job with high salary. Most people that possess a diploma tend to end up with white-collar jobs. These kinds of jobs usually offer a greater money than blue collar jobs. The years you spend just to get that diploma will surely pay off by getting that white-collar job.

As you can see, there are just so many amazing benefits one would be able to get from having a diploma. So, if you have the choice to make the decision of going for a diploma study, don’t hesitate to do it because not everyone gets to do so. Don’t let the chance slip off your hands. 

Keep in mind that this is a privilege that you are lucky enough to enjoy. It is something that should be considered a blessing. Guaranteed that many people would want to be in your shoes right now!

So, what are you still waiting for? Apply for a diploma study now before it is too late. Sambung belajar your way to the top, and make sure to choose a course that you are interested in for it can help you out a lot big time. Choose from the many kolej yang menawarkan kursus kulinari wisely. You’d be able to enjoy the journey in getting that diploma a lot better if you actually like what you are doing. 

So don’t waste time experimenting on people’s suggestion on what course to get. Follow your heart and mind and go for something that you actually desire.

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Why Halal Food? 

In the fourth industrial revolution where food manufacturing companies are racing against each other to be the best of its kind, we can see how amidst this uphill battle, there is a significant rise of halal food industry making its way from all over the world. They know it is best to sell halal food products due to high demands from clients as well as for not losing their Muslim customers now that the community is growing bigger than ever. Apart from that, the standards and conditions required for a product to be verified as halal take quite some time as there are many procedures that need to be carried in full surveillance and detailed auditing. Thus, if a product does get a halal verification from an authoritative halal body, that means the product is of high quality and is safe to be consumed not just by Muslims but also non-Muslims who are searching for fresh and clean food to eat. That is why you can see how countries such as America are now having their own halal food outlets, New Zealand with their own halal frozen meat and also of course in fresh fruits online delivery Malaysia .

So, what is it about the halal meat demand which is on the rise in the world market right now? Why do people want more of it? First and foremost, halal food contains no growth hormones in it. Halal meat is of the standard of other organic farm meats but with an additional tayyib or wholesome concept. This means that the animals are being well treated during their growth. They are free to move around as they like and free to graze at the farm or being well-fed by their owner. They should never be injected with hormones in order to make them fat. Why is this substance dangerous? It is because the growth hormones in food could accumulate in our bodies thus creating potential hormone-mimicking effects. Another harmful substance would be antibiotics. Too many antibiotics should be avoided at all cost as it could lead to drug resistance in human bodies besides increasing the potential of gaining weight.

Apart from that, halal meat also consists of no preservatives as these substances are said to notoriously trigger chemical changes in the body. This will later increase the risk of a body to get cancer-causing compounds and prohibit haemoglobin from carrying oxygen around the circulatory system. Some of the preservatives are E252, E251, E250 and E249. Another key benefit of consuming halal meat is that it contains no pesticides. There is lesser synthetic pesticides that can be found in halal meat compared to the conventional ones. This is not just to ensure the animal’s health but also minimising the environmental effect. Pesticides are dangerous as the transference of fit from the animal to our body could cause concentration of toxins in body tissues. So, if you aim to cut fat intakes in your food, it is the best choice to opt for halal meat instead.  

All in all, there is a myriad of goodness in halal food consumption thus explains why the halal food industry is bolstering more than ever in today’s world. …

The Criteria of Halal Food

Living in the era of fourth industrial revolution where everything is being modernised and digitalised, life has been made easier through the ever-evolving gadgets and devices around us. Well, that’s how life is. Some things change, but there are also some other things which are unchangeable. Have you ever heard of halal food? What is it you asked? It is the food which is permissible to be eaten in Islam. Many developed nations for instance, have taken a wise step in building halal food industry in their countries. This include the halal food outlets that can now be found in America, one of them being the Halal Food Guy Truck which popularity is now on the rise. In our neighbouring country, the land of the lion, there are various restaurants selling halal food nowadays and it is now easy to find halal supermarket online malaysia. With that being said, there are actually many types of food which are halal, and along with it comes the guidelines and criteria for a food to be labelled as halal. So, in this article, we will focus on the criteria of slaughtered halal food.

Let us first see how farm animal which permissible to be eaten should be reared in their respective farm. First and foremost, before this animal becomes mature enough to be slaughtered and eaten, it must have lived what is said to be a ‘pure’ life since its birth. It must be well-fed, well-treated and the most important one would be rightly slaughtered at the end of its life. By this, it means that the animal should never be abused during its growth as well as never be locked up to a certain place where its movement is being restricted and may cause harm and pain to the animal. Clean water and food should be fed continuously to sustain its growth.

Done with the living part of the animal, now let’s move on to how it should be sacrificed. First and foremost, bear in mind that the process of slaughtering should never be done in front of other animals. The animal should also be put in a position where it is comfortable before being sacrificed. Be sure to calm it down before the slaughtering starts. A sharp knife should be prepared before anything else as this will ensure the process would not take a long time as the purpose is to not make the animal suffer a painful death but to let it die in a less severe death as possible in the shortest bout. The Muslim who slaughters the animal should also says Allah’s name before slaughtering it. Last but not least, is to make sure that the blood should completely be drained out from the animal in order to avoid harmful bacteria from spoiling the meat.

In conclusion, there are many standards which need to be met in order for the meat of the slaughtered animal to be considered as halal. All these requirements should be taken into consideration in order for a high quality, fresh from farm halal food to be produced.

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Internet-Based Education Training Displayed

In the face of strong predictions about what will happen, it makes sense to take a step back and consider the reality of what is happening on the Internet and education. As suggested at the beginning of this article, amid these allegations of great transformation and disruption, it is important to ask how the potential of Internet education can be realized in practice. There is no doubt that the Internet has been used for educational purposes for a long time. Several leading Internet-based education models have emerged over the two to three decades to improve the quality of education. Perhaps the most robust are the various forms known as e-learning – from online courses to virtual classrooms and even virtual schools. Many early forms of e-learning involve the one-way distribution of learning content and therefore copy appropriate forms of traditional distance education. These programs (which continue to this day) tend to be based on online content management systems, although supported by some form of interaction in the form of email, bulletin boards, and other communication systems. In addition to this form of content delivery, virtual classrooms also have an ongoing development – often representatives of classrooms or lecture theatres where students and teachers can stay.

Often this virtual space is designed to support the form of teaching and direct feedback simultaneously so that students can listen to talks and watch videos and visual presentations while interacting with other students through text and audio. Other asynchronous forms of the virtual classroom exist in the form of digital spaces where resources can be accessed and shared – such as audio recordings and lecture transcripts, additional reading, and discussion forums. These systems of e-learning have continued to be developed since the 1990s all over the world, with all cyber schools and universities online and now with the features of an in-depth education system from one place to another in the world. While these examples of e-learning tend to repeat the basic structures and procedures of brick schools and universities, various educational models supported by the Internet have emerged in the last 20 years.

One of the most common forms of Internet-based education is the collective creation of knowledge and knowledge, as exemplified in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. While there is an ongoing debate about its accuracy and scope, Wikipedia education is of great importance. In addition to being a vast source of information, users’ ability to contribute and create excellent content appears to make wiki tools like Wikipedia an important educational tool. There is a prevalent belief among many educators today that large-scale user-oriented applications such as Wikipedia allow individuals to participate in more meaningful and important learning activities in general than ever before.

The student who made some corrections to Wikipedia articles today contributed more general knowledge in a matter of minutes than he did throughout his primary school education. 100% wiki tools fit the wider Open Source Educational movement, which is about making professionally developed educational materials available online for free. Thus, it is acknowledged that nearly 80 percent of course content at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is available free of charge. Alike pledges can be created in such institutions ranging from leading universities such as Yale and Oxford to local community colleges. all these cases, course materials such as seminar notes, podcasts, and speaking videos are shared online with a worldwide student population, many of whom are unable to attend. More importantly (as on Wikipedia), the emphasis on Open Source Education not only allows individuals to use the provided materials but also encourages modification and transformation of those resources as needed. For example, the extensive Open Learn project at the UK Open University provides free online access to all corporate curriculum materials and an invitation for each user to customize this resource as they wish.
If you want your children to cope with the latest knowledge then providing them with the facility of the internet is very important. The internet will not only allow them to learn about the latest knowledge but will also let them learn with fun and enjoyment as there are hundreds of fun-learning programs available on the internet. Therefore, apply Time fibre now in your houses and schools to get the maximum benefits from the fastest speed internet providers in Malaysia. Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia provides you with the most affordable internet packages, hence, apply “Time internet” now and let your child dive-in in the world of virtual knowledge and fun-loving programs so that he can cope up with his generation and be the best among the best. 

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Do strategies work in gambling?

A betting strategy also known as a betting system is an organized gambling technique, in an effort to make a profit. 

To succeed, the system needs to change the edge of the house into a player advantage—which is impossible for pure probability games with fixed odds, similar to a perpetual motion machine. Betting systems are often predicated on statistical analysis.

Mathematically, no betting system can change long-term expected outcomes in a game of random, separate trials but they can make for higher odds of short-term success at the cost of increased risk and are an enjoyable gambling activity for certain people.

As a result , a lot of gambling systems and techniques have evolved over the years. Some of these have become very well known, and gamblers have pursued them all over the world. 

But the vast majority have never done so in the public domain. This is probably because most of them aren’t successful, and those gamblers who do succeed in creating winning strategies prefer to hold them to themselves.

Source : Casino

Nevertheless, gambling is still a game of chance. Even the players at a poker table don’t know which cards will be played next and if you have a bad hand, a lot of a poker strategy includes folding before you get too far into the betting. 

That’s a great lesson to keep in mind when thinking about any kind of gambling strategy because the element of the sooner or later unknown makes all strategies futile. 

There are techniques that you can use in virtually any form of gambling. Our definition of a strategy, as we have already described, is that it really does something that will ultimately increase the odds for you. Typically this is achieved by the implementation of different methodologies or the development of particular abilities.

Blackjack Basic Strategy 

Blackjack has gained much respect among gamblers because you can carry some skill to the table unlike most other casino games. The analysts would most likely tell you the blackjack house edge is also pretty sweet.

Great simple strategy playing blackjack will help you to the edge of the house by 3 percent or more. 

The rules of the house have a lot to do with the overall edge of the game but no matter what the rules, if you play with the right strategy, you can save money in the long run.

Visit this website to learn how to play blackjack online malaysia.

Play In Tournaments

Tournaments are a perfect way to be able to compete for a big prize when spending a fixed number so that you don’t overspend. 

Practically every basic strategy expert tells you to play only at some point in time in tournaments. That’s because if you’re only charging a flat fee up front but winning the tournament, the prize’s value might be far higher than your fee buy. 

You can find all kinds of tournaments available. Many people think of poker tournaments, but there are many casinos that organize slots, blackjack and video poker tournaments. 

Many players even schedule their gambling endeavours entirely around the tournaments.

You don’t have to win too much when you play the tournaments to make money in the long run. Even if you can only position high enough to win something occasionally you will generally do better than allowing a standard table game or computer to grind down your money.

Slot Machines

Slot machines have some of the highest house advantages that you’ll find in a casino. You can perform only 300 or more spins an hour, on top of that.

Combining a wide edge of the house and too many decisions every hour produces one of the toughest things you can do in a casino.

While there are no true tactics that can help you over the long run beat slot machines, the best thing you can do is slow down your play or even stop playing overall. 

Play On Single Zero Wheels Specifically 

Roulette is a game with little strategy that can affect the outcome in the long term. It makes no difference what you bet on the house edge still stands. 

What you can do is only play with a single zero space on the roulette wheels. Wheels with a double zero and a single zero space have an edge of more than 5.2%. The edge of the house on single zero wheels is just 2.7 per cent.

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How A Well Designed Website Can Generate Traffic

Your house is just built and you have purchased every appliance that you need but you did not bother to arrange them like they are just put where there is a space for every item, what happens to your house? Is it functional because you have everything you need? Do you think your kids will enjoy staying in there? For sure not! The same thing goes with your website. 

You see, a website even if incorporated with all the needed features to make it work but not well designed like the colors are not in sync with what they stand for, and the features are not arranged, even if you will indeed have visitors for some miracle, do you think they will stay even for a number of seconds there? Hardly when there are other websites with almost the same information as yours yet they are more arranged and in short well designed. Everything is arranged in such a way that a visitor will not be lost to what he wants to do. Just like how it is important for you to always have the best IT service provider for your tech problems.

Yes, there is a big difference from a website that is designed poorly or by amateurs from a website designed by the pros like this website developer Penang. So, if you are depending so much on this website as this what you use to represent your online business, do you think it can do its work? If you think so, then I say you are out of this world like you are oblivious to the competition around you. That is right, a website that is designed by amateurs is god only when you have no competition or you are not after any ROIs. In today’s time, people’s tastes are getting more sophisticated because they are well aware of the options they have. They know that they have so many options and even if you are in their place, with the limited time you have to do things, you surely will not waste it on things that are just mediocre. 

If you want your website to function as if you want it to represent your online business, then equip it with the right features and make sure they also look good. You need not do it yourself as web designing is a complex process. An amateur is not expected to do this with flying colours and that is why you need to hire a professional web designer. They are the only people who can greatly help you at this time. They are the only ones who can make sure that your website will indeed attract traffic so that your offline business will be known. Yes, marketing online is one of the most effective ways to market a business but that is only with the right tools. With the fierce competition in the business world, amateurs have no place, so don’t experiment with them. 

Investing on a business, whatever type it may be it expensive so make your money worth it by only incorporating professional services. There are a number of them online thus you can easily find one. 

How to select flooring for different areas of your home?

In this article, we will help you to select the best suitable flooring for different areas of your home like the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more with the guidance of 3D Resources. The most important things to consider while selecting the flooring for your home is the durability and style. Although it is nearly impossible to have both things at a time under a suitable budget, if you do some research about different options of flooring available in the market, then you can have durability and style at the same time. The durability in flooring materials comes because of pce superplasticizer and polycarboxylate Malaysia. There are a lot of options available in the market for selecting the best flooring for your home, for example, hardwood, engineered wood, porcelain tile and vinyl.

The following are some suggestions for selecting different flooring for different areas of your home.

●     Kitchen and mudroom are the areas in your home that are assaulted more than any other part of your home with heavy traffic and other things including dragging of chairs and shoes grind in dirt. These two areas will require the hardest working floors in your home. The most suitable flooring option available in the market for  a mudroom is the porcelain tile because it can easily withstand the heavy traffic.

●     The floors of the bathroom and laundry room do not face the stress of heavy foot traffic but it does face the stress of water splash and toilets overflow. The use of bleach for cleaning purposes in the bathroom and laundry room can affect the looks of some flooring. Porcelain tiles will be suitable flooring for your bathroom and laundry room because it can hold up well in wet places.

●     Dining room, living room, and family rooms are really important in any house because most of the time spent by the family is spent here. The best option for these areas is solid wood flooring which will add value to your home or property. Although solid wood flooring also has damages by furniture feet, high heels, and toys of kids.

●     The selection of flooring for porch and sunroom depends on how exposed these areas are to sunlight, rain blowing, and storage of recreational equipment. Installation of porcelain tile will be the most suitable flooring for these areas because it can withstand the assault these areas will face. The best thing about the porcelain tile is that it can be designed to look like ceramic tiles.

Perks of Physiotherapy

Why You Need Physiotherapy

One of the first things that people notice in someone, is their posture. The posture of a person is very important. It tells a lot about someone.

Having a good posture is something that is considered essential in different kinds of jobs. A ton of jobs requires good posture from their employees, especially the ones where employees need to interact or engage with different clients. This is one of the reasons why having a good posture is a must. 

If you’re currently having a problem with yours, we might be able to help you out. We might know some things you can do to help you improve your posture. 

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One of the most effective ways to improve one’s posture is through physiotherapy. It has helped a lot of people. Aside from that, there are a lot of benefits one can get from it. Read through the whole article to find out more.

How Physiotherapy Helps You

  • Physiotherapy helps when it comes to muscle release, acupuncture, and joint mobilization, which is why it plays a great role in improving one’s posture. 
  • Then, it also has been known that physiotherapy helps a lot in different ways such as improving your sleep. When trying to cope up with a busy schedule, you need to expect and prepare yourself for a ton of sleepless nights. And sometimes, when you get to the point where you get used to it, it makes it hard to sleep early during weekends. With the help of physiotherapy, sleeping on time whenever you need to is a piece of cake. It helps you keep track of your sleeping schedule better and makes your life a lot healthier than it is. 
  • Another benefit you get from physiotherapy is how effective it is in improving your balance. If you’re having a hard time at that, this is probably the most method you could use to help yourself out. It prevents you from falling which can lead to some serious consequences. You’ll go through different exercises and routines that will surely help you out big time.

So those are just some of the many benefits you’ll be able to get. You can check out Pilates KL if you’re interested. Guaranteed, you won’t regret it. 

Which Tech Solutions Provider Should You Trust?

Detect a legit service provider

Even before the pandemic of Covid-19, we should have heard of the growing number of fake tech support providers as well as device repair centers that came out to be a scam. Nevertheless, these scammers have become more widespread most especially because of the current crisis we are all challenging right now. We know how to be uncertain and be smart about who we entrust our devices to particularly when it has become an important during lockdowns when we are all stuck at home. How do we detect a legit and how do we spot a fake one? One very important thing to think about is the track record. You might also search online for the top company in this field of work. But let me assist you instead in presenting a reliable, established and tested over time service provider that provides only the finest quality of service, product and workmanship. 

The best IT service provider in Malaysia

Through the years, Alpha Support has been the number one in the market of IT services and has managed IT service provider. The corporation has been running for 7 years now steadily and persistently delivering only the best quality of service, filtering only the best trained professionals catering to the various and different needs of each costumer. The company guarantees that the IT professional who will accommodate to your need went through the required training as well as present seminars for the newest must-knows in the IT field of work. The company itself offers these trainings and seminars to frequently assess and enhance the IT professionals working for it. It does not just enhance the company per se but create and permit our employees the required growth they needed as individual as well as a team. Our team is constantly presented with the latest technological innovation as well. The company welcomes latest advances and swift to include such to the present operations and service for our dear customers. We always urge our employees to be ready for long-term education and growth. In this way, the company is not just pleased but our employees as well. 

The services that the company offers to the public includes, consultation, outsourcing IT services, handling and management of company transfer, apple service centers and a lot more.

The company also associates with many other IT industrial companies. It is a partner to the top industrial businesses and corporations in Malaysia. This is to expand the production of a pleasing client-provider relationship. The company set the bar high not just for their own employees and personal satisfaction. The customers are the main concern in the company. It is the priority of the company from how it is built to deliver only the best of service and customer support as well as quality of products in our repair centers. There is no other IT support company in Malaysia that you can believe more than Alpha Support.  The company has a 24/7 customer representative qualified to separately work with your tech problems anytime and anywhere the need occurs. 

If you’re looking for an IT service centre, you should check out Alpha Support:

Alpha Support

Address: A-5-10, Empire Tower, SS16/1, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor

Phone: (+60) 12-518 2019 / (+60) 12-519 7480



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How Renting Benefits You Than Buying

Why You Should Rent Rather Than Buy

A lot of people are renting a place, instead of getting one. Some people who can even get a place of their own, tend to have it rented or make money out of it, instead of actually living the place. They would just rent another one instead. It is because by renting a place, there are a ton of benefits one could get. Read through the whole article to find out what these are.

Benefits Of Renting

  • Renting is something that everybody has done once in their lifetime. By renting, you don’t have to settle for a place, thus, moving out will not be a hassle. Yes, getting a property is exciting, but what do you think would it feel like after years and years of living in the same place? You don’t have the freedom to live in a different place whenever you like. By renting a place, you have such freedom. No need for you to have you’re prisoned for a ton of year. 
  • Another benefit you can get from renting is that maintenance fees are covered by not you, but the landlord. You’ll save way more too. The landlord is responsible for house repair and maintenance bills. You don’t have to worry about doing things and thinking that it would ruin your house. When faucets are troubling your or pipes are leaking, all you have to do is call the landlord and they will take care of it for you.

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These are just some of the benefits you could get from renting instead of buying a property. Now, we know just the right place for you to find a property for rent. There is a house for rent Johor Bahru. You can also go for Klang for rent or Subang Jaya condo. Any of these offers amazing properties.