Calling for all the game owners. It is quite tough to create games right but after a few days and maybe a few months or maybe a few years thinking about a game concept and creating the game. It is time for you to promote the game by the way if you did not create one yet you might want to search for any game developer Malaysia to develop your game. It is really important to promote it because without promotion many people will not notice about your games and in the end, it is kind of useless. By the way, if you do not know yet, you can make money with the game. If your game is really good enough, people will buy the game but if you just make a game for fun you can gain money from advertisements. You can put an advertisement in your game and you will get money from it. Now, let’s move on to what is the way to promote your game. You need to continue reading to know more about it.

  1. Tell your family and friends

It is really important to promote it to our family and friends first because we know that they will support us and usually they will promote it to other people too. Ask help and support from family is good but actually, it is only for a temporary time but it is okay just keep doing it because sometimes we easily feel down so it is really important to ask for their support first.

  1. Create promotion video and photo

Promotion video and photo is really important because without it how you going to promote your game plus videos and photos are like a teaser. Many people will see it first before decide to download or buy your game because they need to think first it is worth playing this game. They will think it is really a waste of their time if they just easily download the game but they do not love the genre game at all. Plus, if you have a promotion video and photo it will tell everything without need a long explanation about your game but you need to make sure the video and the photo are really interesting and can make your audience feel attracted. 

  1. Join gamers community

You also can join a gamers community group then tell and promote your game to them. Pretty sure many gamers will try your game because they have a really high passion for playing the game. If the game is good pretty sure they will ask and tell their friends to play your game. There are many platforms that you can use to get a gamer’s audience like groups from Facebook and channels from Discord. 

If you think it is so hard for you to promote your own game. It is okay because there are top 10 social media marketing companies Malaysia that will help you to promote your game not only that many of them also got award winning social media marketing companies Malaysia

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