When it comes to sexual pleasure, you are not limited to your genetilia. There are so many other ways you can be stimulated to achieve sexual climax during your solo or partnered sessions. The body is built in such a way that bizarres areas on your body will allow you to experience a hint of pleasure. These areas usually differ from one person to another. The pleasure scale is a spectrum of sorts. Most people have the average pleasure areas, while others have more spefic areas they either like in other people, or enjoy stimulated by others. 

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These special areas in your body are called erogenous zones. They are zones where when stimulated with consent will bring out feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. Basically, they are stimulated to make you feel turned on, so you are in the mood for more strenous sexual activities. There are many ways these areas can be stimulated. You can stimulate them with your hands – the usual way people do it. Other ways of stimulation include lubricants, sex toys, other body parts of the partner, and even ice cubes. Yes, you read that right. Ice cubes usually involve temperature play, which means you stimulate these zones with different temperatures ranging from cold to hot. However, that is a story for another time. You can advance to temperature play after learning the basics. For now, you can begin with sex toys. Want to buy your first sex toys? Check out Secret Cherry the best store for women sex toys in Malaysia!

So, where do you start with these many erogenous zones? Here is a list of the most common erogenous zones to start with.


One of the most common erogenous zones, nipples are senstive area that can be stimulated quite easily. The stimulation of nipples are usually associated with women, and their breasts. However, believe it or not, men love to be stimulated at their nipples as well. Some men also like to be stimulated with tongues, similar to women. The breast area in general is the ideal spot that can be stimulated in many ways. By squeezing, sucking and even riding. 


Another erogenous zone that likes to be squeezed includes the arse area. Plump in size, the arse seems to be the area that men love on women, other than breasts. These soft zones are also squeezed and held during sexual intecourse sessions between two people. 

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Other than that, you have the neck. Necks are made of sensitive and thin skin tissue. The whole area can be stimulated by kisses and licks. Some people are so obsessed with necks on their significant areas that they might suck it, or at least some spots on it. Sucking the small spots on the neck can entice the partner, and it can cause hickeys when carried out too long. Hickeys are usually called ‘love marks’ as they are placed there by your partner. 


It may seem bizarre, but ears aren’t the most weird erogenous zones on the body. Ears are sort of the extension of necks. They are sensitive, so they are stimulated through sucking and licking as well. People usually stimulate the back of the ears, but you can also stimulate the other parts. These parts include the ear lob, and even inside the ear canal through tongue play. 

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