Lignosulfonates are obtained from lignin (a natural polymer located between wood cells and imparting strength and elasticity to wood fibers) by treating wood with solutions of alkali metal hydrosulfites at 140 ° c, followed by evaporation of desugared sulfite liquor and released in the form of liquid and solid concentrates containing 50- 92% by weight of dry residue.

Application of technical lignosulfonates.

In the foundry industry, they are used as a binding material in the manufacture of core and molding mixtures for iron, steel and non-ferrous casting, additives to non-stick paints.

In the chemical industry, they are used in the production of pesticides, seed disinfectants, and plant protection chemicals.

In the construction industry, lignosulfonates are used:

  • As a plasticizer for concrete and cement;
  • As a diluent of raw cement slurry in the production of cement by the wet method to reduce moisture slurry;
  • As a plasticizing and gluing material in the production of gypsum plasterboard, plywood, chipboard and fiberboard;
  • As a corrective additive in the production of expanded clay gravel;
  • As a binder of increased water resistance for dedusting and strengthening of soils in road construction and transport workings in a mine.

In the oil industry, lignosulfonates are used:

  • When drilling oil and gas wells, as a reagent for regulating the main parameters of drilling fluids;
  • As a component of gelling systems for regulating filtration flows and limiting water inflow in processes that increase oil recovery;
  • When granulating carbon black and porous fillers from powdery, bulk materials, charge;
  • In the agglomeration of ferrous metal ores and briquetting of fine fractions of coals and special coke, in the manufacture of silicoaluminum briquettes.

Lignosulfonates are used in the production of synthetic tanning agents, they are used as a feedstock and a dispersant, and are also used as a sizing agent for cellulose-containing bases in the textile industry.

Packing, transportation and storage.

Liquid technical sodium lignosulphonate Malaysia are poured into rail tank cars with bottom discharge, tank cars, barrels and other containers.

Powdered technical lignosulfonates are packed in paper and polypropylene bags, as well as in soft specialized containers for single use.

Technical lignosulfonates are transported by rail, road, water transport. Powdered technical lignosulfonates should be transported under conditions that prevent moisture in the product. Soft specialized containers are shipped in gondola cars or by road. For more articles like this one, click here.

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