How Kitchen Appliances Have Changed Overtime

In today’s house, the kitchen is the priority. Its design has progressed over thousands of years, from crudely put-together washbasins to precisely built, elegantly styled gear. However, it may be argued that a kitchen isn’t a kitchen until it’s stocked with appliances. Even only 20 years ago, kitchens were quite different. From deshelling hard-boiled eggs to mincing garlic, it seems that we now have an appliance for everything. In the twenty-first century, kitchens are rather high-tech.


Our refrigerators are precisely crafted technological marvels that are essential in today’s kitchen. The usage of devices to keep things cool dates back millennia, but the contemporary refrigerator originated as an icebox in the early 1900s. These metal boxes were coated with a tin-like metal and then filled with a big ice block that would slowly melt while keeping the meal cold in the box. These early ice boxes worked well, but by 1915, electric refrigerant refrigerators were appearing in houses all across the globe. These early machines worked on the same idea as current machines, using a refrigerant to cool them. These early machines, known as Domeires, however, relied on a range of very hazardous chemicals as refrigerants. As a result, if your refrigerant stopped working, you may as well. Tetrafluoroethane is now used in refrigerators to keep our food cool. Thus, this shows the science has made evolution to refrigerators 

Coffee Makers

Coffee as a beverage dates back to Ethiopia and Yemen in the 15th century. These early drinkers most likely mingled the beans with water and drank it to keep awake. However, when the industrial revolution made routine everyday tasks even simpler, such a manual approach would become more unattractive. The percolator, which dates back to the 1860s, was the first “machine”-like coffee maker. This method of coffee preparation developed until the introduction of vacuum system machines in the 1920s, and coffee makers with pumps and filtration systems.

The Mr. Coffee branded coffee maker was first introduced in the hip 1970s. Mr. Coffee machines were the first in-home drip brewing system for coffee, despite being today’s cheap brand. This innovation aided in the growth of coffee’s appeal among industrialized people.


People had to break down and combine items by hand before the blender was invented as an appliance in 1922. This method was often done using mortar and pestles, despite the fact that it was very inconvenient. Making a smoothie wasn’t really a thing back then, at least not in the way we think of it now. In the 1930s, a device known as the Miracle Mixer was introduced. This gadget improved on the original blender and made it more accessible to the general population.

Early blenders were little more than cups with rotating blades in the bottom, but current blenders contain all the technology you could want. The next appliance that has the same blueprint is the juicer. In early days, juices were made by squeezing using hands, now it is all about the blades and advanced gear systems. 

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