Science Advancement Has Impacted Us

The results of its development have contributed to the advancement of the health industry globally. Various medications and treatments

new ones that can be produced to treat patients who suffer from various types of diseases. It also helps in prevention of infectious diseases rather than contagious diseases and costs thousands of human lives as in ancient times.Consider to study bachelor in science in malaysia 

 Now, it has made the medical laboratory an important institution for humans to study and find cures to diseases that are detrimental to human life.  

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In addition, collaboration between science & technology also contributes to self -observation of health when smart watches were successfully created. The wearer of this watch can see heart rate which is indicative of the level of health of an individual. If every individual could use this watch and take care of health on its own, it can certainly give birth to a healthy and prosperous society. Therefore, various benefits of the health angle we get as a result of the development of science & technology. We should prepare an umbrella before it rains. 

Among its importance is to facilitate communication between humans.

In the face of this era of globalization, we can connect with all

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human beings in all corners of the world despite different languages ​​with

the presence of technology. The language differences that previously had to take

a long time to learn can be completed in seconds


The impact, a variety of knowledge, culture and also other things

can be shared and benefited together. Besides, we are able to communicate with each other regardless of time and distance today and its impact not only on the economic sector but changing the social way of today’s society. For example, they use the Whatsapp application that allows us to send messages or make video calls to our contacts as a result of the invention of technology and the application of science understood by humans today. Like the Malay proverb says, another is different now. The point is, its development opens up a space of communication between human beings who did not once imagine in ancient times. 


In conclusion to the above discussion, science & technology is an essential component of human life as well as play an important role in human survival. Synergy between these two components can bring human civilization to one level

higher. However, in pursuit progress is expected efforts to ensure it is utilized by

all corners of humanity regardless of rank or background as well attention. There are still many countries that are lagging behind in terms of applications science & technology. If science & technology is important to human welfare such as clean water production and agriculture efficient then it should be supported as well as given for free on the basis of humanity. May science & technology be a component

utilized by humans for good rather than harm.

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